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Transparent advertising?

OK. So I might as well tell you that I grew up a big Disney fan. I love that they go the extra mile with everything they do. But I saw a commercial tonight that I thought was interesting…and I’m not sure whether it was interesting for good or bad reasons. In this commercial, they said:

Give your child the Disney experience

Now is this a good or bad tagline? Part of me says that yes, this is a good tagline because it plays off what Disney is really good at: creating great experiences. But then when I hear it said, it almost sounds like, “Give us your money,” making it a little too transparent a message for my taste. Perhaps it’s the demand/command they are making by implying that if you don’t take your child to Disney World then you are cheating them of something meaningful…basically making you a bad parent. Or, maybe I’m reading into it too much. Thoughts?

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