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For the love of social media

I’m launching this site, in conjunction with my upcoming graduation from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. Now it is time to put all the learnings from the MBA program to practice. What I do next is beyond simple professional re-branding:

this will be a change in response to the “signals of change” that I have seen with my current discipline. In response to these signals, I’ve spent the last 18 months adjusting my own business model so that I can continue to add value to companies, only now with a focus on product management and marketing. I’m looking forward to helping a company nurture and grow brands, as well as target audiences using both traditional and modern marketing. I want to help companies under the modus operandi, “When you really wanted an experience, but all you got is this lousy UI.”

So, really, this site represents who I am now after transforming my career via my time at Microsoft as a manager and as an MBA student. Awhile back, I had done some posts on a old blog called, “experience matters.” I’ve included those posts here to reflect how my interests haven’t waned but rather have been honed and polished. Please enjoy the 6 articles tagged as “FLASHBACK POST.”

In addition to preparing for a move to product management / marketing, I am excited to share some news: Recently, I was privileged to experience the University of Washington Business Plan Competition 2012. I am part of the Highlight Hunter team, and we’ve been fortunate to pass through the Investment Round to the “Sweet 16” Round. We will be spending the next couple of weeks pulling together the full business plan and the pitch deck. The Investment Round was a fantastic trial by fire, so I can only imagine what the actual pitch presentation will be like. Shark tank anyone?

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