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Design flaws in everyday experiences

When I think of creating great experiences, I think of two primary things: 1) Disney rides and 2) the concept of the not-so-big house.

In both cases, we see the drive to create experiences that aren’t just acceptable but that are vastly superior. These experiences consider not only functional aspects but also the sensory connections. Let’s take a closer look.

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Transparent advertising?

OK. So I might as well tell you that I grew up a big Disney fan. I love that they go the extra mile with everything they do. But I saw a commercial tonight that I thought was interesting…and I’m not sure whether it was interesting for good or bad reasons. In this commercial, they said:

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On Target…

A couple weeks back, my wife and I were watching TV as we usually do in the evening when we happened to see a commercial. My wife thought the commercial was a show, and I was like, “no, that’s a Target commercial…their whole thing now is to use somewhat cryptic artistic commercials to sell different product lines.” OK, so maybe I didn’t quite capture what Target was doing, but what I really meant to say is that Target uses design/art to distinguish themselves and their products from competitors…thus, they use design to sell!

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