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Make a safe landing “page”

Make a "safe" landing page

I’ve come across this in my own work… we want to engage customers by providing them links to pages that should have the information they need yet we oh so often don’t do this. I’ve seen my company add additional clicks from an offer or campaign before a customer gets to a free trial download or to a legitimate, customized landing page for that particular campaign. How frustrating!

I’ve also seen it done right in a more recent project I worked on, Highlight Hunter. Highlight Hunter provides their value prop, a demo, and a button for the download on a single landing page that happens to be the Home page as well. While using a Home page as a universal landing page is probably unique to a smaller company, Highlight Hunter could easily customize versions of the Home page that would act as campaign landing pages, introducing lead capturing forms for offers, trials, etc.

Here are a couple articles courtesy of HubSpot and Inc. that provide ways to reduce the frustration users can experience when landing pages aren’t designed well or not even made for marketing/advertising campaigns.

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